Set up and live blast testing of the Blast Resistant Module by an independent third party.  Test was conducted with 9000 lbs of ANFO at 150 feet from charge.

Placement of 9000 lb ANFO charge, standard ISO container and three PTG Blast Resistant Modules

Protective Technologies BRM on the left after several live blast shots vs.a regular Iso Container on the right (see setup configuration above). 

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blast resistant module (BRM)

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Design and Engineering

for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Protective Technologies Blast Resistant Modules have been simulator tested through the Jacobs School of Structural Engineering at the University of California at San Diego on the world's only blast simulator and were later live blast tested by a third party.  Our BRMs can be custom built to client specifications to provide protection for all hazards such as: 

  • Vapor Cloud Explosions (Model): 34 psi peak reflected pressure (13 psi) free field), 200ms duration
  • AT/FP or HE explosion (model and live blast tested - see video on the left: 63 psi, 320 psi-msec, 18 msec duration
  • Fire: 1 hour and 2 hour, evaluation in accordance with ASTM E-119-08
  • Ballistics/Projectiles: Certified
  • High level seismic:  Exceeds 2009/2012 IBC, evaluation in accordance with EC 003-2012
  • High Wind: Minimum 250mph wind tolerance exceeds 2009/2012 IBC, evaluation in accordance with EC 003-2012
  • Forced Entry: 15 minute/60 minute in accordance with US Department of State Guidelines